Say Hello To The Future of Advertising.

People are moving away from ads. They now love brand-driven personalized suggestions and recommendations instead.

Anchor Traffic’s geofence technology enables advertisers to personalize their message by targeting a specific location or geographic area with pinpoint accuracy. You can now deliver mobile advertising based on a user exact location, and target audiences at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

Say hello to advertising of the future.

Geo-Fencing For Events

Get the world to know about your business

Use geofence technology to direct more traffic to your booth during your next trade show & event.

Reach more event attendees, promote your services straight through the apps and web services they use everyday! Our platform has access to more than 10K mobile apps and web searches.

Geo-Fencing For Activity Tour Providers

Boost bookings for your next tours and activities

As tour providers, you need to get into hotels and resorts zones to enlarge your prospective. The technology of Mobile Geo-Targeting lets you do that and more, to increase your visibility and reach travelers within specific tourist areas.

Drop a pin, let it work on your behalf with multiple daily impressions, and get your brand top-of-mind when booking a tour.


Geo-Fencing For Local Business

Increase your visibility in your neighborhood

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or any local business, don’t miss any more sales with our SMART geo-targeting technology. Target specific areas and competition to expand brand awareness. You can couple it with a tailor-made landing page to offer special deals and incentives.

Now is the time to turn passers-by into engaged clients and earn some dollars on the way.

What our clients say about us

“I saw a 3x bump in attendees the day I started with Anchor Traffic. This is the future of advertising.”

Erica V.
Erica V.

“It’s remarkable of how accurate Anchor Traffic can be. I was at a big trade show and we were able to target people who really matter. That made a lot of difference.”

Paul C.
Paul C.

“I have tried and tested multiple ad-techs. There’s nothing as effective as Anchor Traffic. Highly recommended!”

William J.
William J.

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